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OpenIT 2.0 Development Underway

Aaron (acolflesh) and I (michaelss) have been discussing some pretty wide sweeping changes to OpenIT. While we were planning on releasing 1.6 as the next stable version, it looks like we'll make the leap to 2.0.

For more details please read the full article on the OpenIT Community Site:

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-01-25

New OpenIT Community Site & More

If you haven't noticed already, there is a new OpenIT Community site:

It's powered by Drupal, and one of OpenIT's developers, Dan Coulter, was kind enough to host it. Thanks to all the people who offered their hosting services for free!

Besides being more responsive and easier to administer, the new site contains a wiki-like OpenIT Manual. It already contains some information, including installation information, but please feel free to add more!... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-01-20

OpenIT 1.5 Released

OpenIT 1.5 Testing Release

OpenIT 1.5 is a PHP driven web application which provides simple IT management tools such as Support Tracking, Inventory, Knowledge Base, Address Book, Out of Office Calendar, and more. It focuses on being simple to use & extend.

The 1.5 release, and all odd number minor releases, are development releases that should be used for testing only.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-12-20

OpenIT 1.4 Released

OpenIT 1.4 Stable Release

OpenIT is a PHP web application designed to track IT inventory, support issues, employees, knowledge base articles, and more.

The 1.4 Release is the latest Stable release. It offers significant feature enhancements over 1.2, and a few critical bug fixes since 1.3. Please read doc/install.txt for installation instructions, and doc/changelog.txt for a history of changes.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-11-01

1.3.1-2 Release of SQL File

Dan just happened to notice I left 2 tables out of the 1.3.1 SQL file and kindly generated a new release.

inc/setup.php is still considered the primary way to populate your OpenIT database, but some Windows users have experienced problems with that method.

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-10-22

OpenIT 1.3.1 Released

OpenIT 1.3.1 Released

OpenIT 1.3.1 fixes a bug in tools/setup.php that causes setup to crash in 1.3. Anyone wishing to use the automated setup tool will need to download 1.3.1.

- Fixed tools/setup.php bug
- Improved layout
- Removed FCKEditor folders: smiley/fun, skins/office2003, & skins/silver

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-10-20

OpenIT 1.3 Testing Release

PHP driven Inventory, HelpDesk, Support, Issue Tracking, and Knowledge Base web application. Focuses on simplicity and ease of customization. Sort of a mini-Directory solution for SMBs using PHP and any Pear::DB supported database. OpenIT 1.3 represents a major step from 1.2. Thanks to Aaron's (acolflesh) new "Lookups" section all entries in the database can be edited via OpenIT. This means no more using phpMyAdmin to add Departments.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-10-20

OpenIT 1.2.1 Released

OpenIT 1.2.1 Released

OpenIT 1.2.1 has been released offering minor bug fixes and feature enhancements over 1.2.
- No database changes were made since 1.2
- FCKedit was added to the KnowledgeBase editing page
- UseHTMLEditor value was added to inc/settings.ini
- Lots of code clean-up

FCKedit has a significant footprint compared to OpenIT and may cause problems with incompatible problems. Feedback is desired on the future inclusion of FCKedit in the main OpenIT distribution.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-09-21

OpenIT 1.2 Released

OpenIT 1.2 Released

OpenIT 1.2 added multiple language support to OpenIT. Languages may be defined on a per-Employee basis or use a default specified in the settings file.

Currently only English & Spanish language files exist, and only section names have been translated. Any submitted language files will be included in future releases.

A huge thanks goes to Joan Calamanga Llopart for helping so much with multiple language support & submitting the Spanish language file!

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-09-03

OpenIT 1.1 Released

OpenIT 1.1
The OpenIT 1.1 Release represents significant improvements over previous versions. Perhaps the most notable being that OpenIT no longer requires SQL files to be downloaded and executed to setup it's database. Instead an install script has been provided:

Major Changes:
- tools/setup.php Install Script
- Groups based permissions
- inc/settings.ini Settings File
- Fixed infinite login loop (caused by incorrect DB setup)
- Minor bug fixes & code cleanup

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-08-25

OpenIT 1.0.3 Released

OpenIT 1.0.3

This is a minor bug fix release which fixes a few known issues with the 1.0.2 release.

Thanks to james_mcd for the noticing the KB bug!

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-08-19

OpenIT 1.0.2 Released

OpenIT 1.0.2 was released this afternoon along with a new database update. I'm hoping to provide update.sql scripts in the future, but for now you may just want to create a new database with the provided file & move your data over.

Actually I think the only change was adding an employee field to the Users table. Try that first.

Changes from 1.0.1:

Finally added a Users section
Brand new CSS based layout
Removed horrible subnet scan report... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-08-03

OpenIT 1.0.1 Update Released

Everyone should upgrade to this version of OpenIT because it includes the documentation on how to add new users. If you do not add an admin/root user (all 4's in the different *Perm columns), then you're only able to access a very small section of OpenIT.

1.0.1 should *not* require any database or inc/settings.php changes.

The following has changed from the 1.0 release:
Fixed KB permissions
Fixed KB Article Layout
Fixed consistent HTML_Table error
Improved row highlighting... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-07-30

OpenIT 1.0 Released!

OpenIT has finally reached a 1.0 release!

There were very few changes between 1.0 RC1 & this release. The database was left untouched. Please read on for full release notes:

OpenIT 1.0 Release Notes

OpenIT is web-based IT management in-a-box and currently features: inventory tracking, employee directory, support issue tracker, knowledge base, and basic reporting.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-07-27

OpenIT 1.0 RC1 Released!

This is the first release candidate for the 1.0 release of <a href="">OpenIT</a>. If there are large changes more release candidates may be released prior to the final 1.0 release.

The following has changed since the 1.0 Beta:

-Out of Office feature was added (thanks to Aaron & Mishoo's jsCalendar!)

-Software section was added (breaks current OperatingSystem field)... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-07-22

News &amp; warnings about 1.0

Nothing ever goes as planned.

OpenIT is getting close to a final 1.0 release. Aaron was kind enough to throw in Out of Office support. Dan is supposedly working on a phpNuke based website. (Send him kind of words of encouragement!)

And I've been breaking things. I'm adding a Software section because there's a huge need for it in the organization I'm currently developing OpenIT for. This section will enable administrators to keep track of who's got what installed where, and will have rudimentary licensing tracking.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-07-19

1.0 Beta Released!

Lots of improvements over the alpha release.

The most noticiable improvement will be the addition of users & permissions. OpenIT now has a simple yet effective permissions system which allows you to setup users that have different levels of access to different sections.

Other changes:
-Lots of code clean-up
-Cool new Changelog
-Better file structure
-Pretty row highlighting (thanks Aaron!)
-INSTALL documentation (ok, so its not that great)
-Framework to add Misc. Equipment section
-More icons (thanks Bethany!)
-Some bug fixes & removal of unused files/code... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-06-24

1.0 Beta Coming Soon

Lots of action in CVS today, but don't get too excited: I just rearranged all those pesky view.*.php & edit.*.php files to be in their own directory.

I'm planning on packaging a 1.0 Beta by the end of the week which should include simple authentication and permissions.

After that I'll focus on cramming in a hodge-podge of other features before releasing a 1.0.

(As you can see I'm not too keen on the whole FOSS habit of having software projects live their entire lives below 1.0! Just drop the leading 0.!)

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-06-17

Database files released

Put them in a seperate package so you can just dump the main package in your install directory without messing around with weird PHP install systems.

Hopefully I'll be nice in the future and include Insert as well as Update SQL files, but we'll see what happens.

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-06-10

Initial Release

OpenIT 1.0 Alpha has been posted.

There is no documentation, so good luck figuring out the database schema!

Posted by Michael Schurter 2004-06-09