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Nick Vrtis
  • Nick Vrtis

    Nick Vrtis - 2007-02-27

    For those of you who are interested, there is a "new" version of OpenIT in the SVN repository.  It is under branches/vrtisworks-3.0

    The primary changes.
    1) Software and software tracking has been changed significantly.  You can now track which computers software is installed on, and what software serial numbers were used for that install.
    2) Reporting now has the capability of including custom php code to generate the report, so you can generate something more complicated than what you can do with just and SQL query. So the first report I created was a "Software Audit" report which shows software licenses installed vs what you are authorized.
    3) Added an "Asset Tag" column to the Computers and Periphicals tables so you can track an external asset tag which might not be numeric or isn't necessarily sequential.

    Note that there are some significant database table changes, so be sure to back everything up before trying to convert. Dieter has kindly created some upgrade code, but it has not been extensively tested.


    • Prachait Saxena

      Prachait Saxena - 2007-02-28

      Hi Nick

      I am also looking the same kind of features,
      Can you share the code, so that i can also contribute on it

      Waiting for your reply

      Prachait Saxena

      • Glenn

        Glenn - 2007-03-01

        I made mods to 2.2 to fix a problem the AM/PM on the time of support.
        Line 72
            changed =='P') to =='PM')
        Fixed Report problem
        Reported Problem
        Line 77 and line 82  foreach ($software as $id => $name) {
        Add: if($software != null){

        Fixed Knowledge base
        fix: SortBy 'Updated'
        added: 'Title' as secondary sort.

        I added a time spent doing a support task.
        I will post details if wanted.

        I have made OPENIT part of my business. I have so simple and a few more difficult changes for work tracking, and supporting multiple users with limited company views.

        I would like to contribute those to the upgrade.


      • Glenn

        Glenn - 2007-04-05

        Sory for the slow responce I just found the message cleaning up my email
        I would be glad to share the mods. I have a mod file bud did not detail the changes.
        Which change are you after?
        I posted some of the simple big fixes.
        I would like access to version 3.0, could i make changes to that?


    • Gabeus

      Gabeus - 2007-05-31

      I started using OpenIT on November 2006.
      Since then I added some features like queues, time worked for Support
      and two ways of listing tasks. I know that some things like "My
      Queue" button aren't done well :) I have prepared Polish and English

      I hope it will be useful.



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