error undefined property

  • yOh

    yOh - 2006-04-28

    i got this message error :
    Notice: Undefined property: DO_Clients::$Clients_GroupBrand in C:\www\msii\OpenIT2.2\inc\pear\DB\DataObject.php on line 3778

    • 50watt

      50watt - 2006-04-28

      Dear yoh,

      thank you for the error report.
      Could you be more specific where (which module, which action) and when this message is displayed?

      Best regards

    • yOh

      yOh - 2006-05-04

      Dear Dieter,
      Thanks for answer me. My problem, i have added a new lookup " groupdbrand ", and a new section " Client ". When i had a new client, the groupbrand id dont go to the database table of Client, like department. I can't edit like computer or view. When i edit i have the  form. like a new add ... i dont understand  why. Thanks for answer me Dieter, with my salutation,
      David yOh

      • Michael Schurter

        I think it would help to actually be able to see the code you're working with.  Could you post it either online somewhere or as an attachment on an e-mail to the openit-devel mailing list.


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