adding "title" to button images

  • Brandon Blackmoor

    The "title" attribute is not specified for the button images. To correct that, simply add a title= attribute after each alt= attribute, for each button image in the following files:

    \inc\auth.php(91): case 0: return '<img src="images/button_x.png" alt="None" title="None" />';
    \inc\auth.php(92): case 1: return '<img src="images/button_reports.png" alt="List" title="List" />';
    \inc\auth.php(93): case 2: return '<img src="images/button_view.png" alt="View" title="View" />';
    \inc\auth.php(94): case 3: return '<img src="images/button_edit.png" alt="Edit" title="Edit" />';
    \inc\auth.php(95): case 4: return '<img src="images/button_remove.png" alt="Full" title="Full" />';
    \inc\buttons.php(15): '<img src="images/button_view.png" alt="View" title="View" /></a>';
    \inc\buttons.php(29): '<img src="images/button_edit.png" alt="Edit" title="Edit" /></a>';
    \inc\buttons.php(43): '<img src="images/button_remove.png" alt="Remove" title="Remove" /></a>';
    \inc\buttons.php(59): '<img src="images/button_add.png" alt="Add" title="Add" />'.lADD_NEW.' '.
    \inc\buttons.php(74): '<img src="images/button_reset.png" alt="Reset" title="Reset" />Reset List</a>';
    \inc\buttons.php(87): '<img src="images/button_email.png" alt="Email" title="Email" />'.$text.'</a>';
    \inc\buttons.php(99): return '<img src="images/button_x.png" alt="N/A" title="N/A" />';
    \inc\header.php(41): <img src="images/button_home.png" alt="'.lHOME.'" title="'.lHOME.'" />Home</a>');
    \modules\Employees\list.php(36): '<img src="images/button_vcard.png" alt="vCard" title="vCard" /></a>';

    • Brandon Blackmoor

      checked into Subversion


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