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  • yOh

    yOh - 2006-03-24

    Yop All.
    I need to put a new sextion in the menu of OpenIT 2.2 . But when i start modifie and adding new page Clients, OpenIT stop running correctly. For that i'm telling to you if i can change your starting config and if you can help for that.

    Thanks all for future answer,
    French man,
    David yOh

    • 50watt

      50watt - 2006-03-24

      Dear David,

      I really want to help you, but what you described above is a bit vague. Could you point out what you did to add a section and what the result (error messages? screenshots? ...) was?
      I know it is possible as Klaus Reske already did it with his "statistics" section.

      Best regards

    • yOh

      yOh - 2006-03-24

      Dear Dieter,

      Thanks for your fast answer. I'm not english so my english speaking is not very good, sorry for that.
      I have added all i need to add for my section, and that no change nothing in the function of OpenIT. But when i define my section in /inc/common.php, i run OpenIT in my web browser and i don't have error messages, i have nothing like blank page (about:blank). And i don't understand what i have to do for add my sections in the menu. Please help me Dieter ;)

      David yOh

    • yOh

      yOh - 2006-03-24

      Please aLL, I need help FAST!!!!

      David yOh

    • Michael Schurter

      First, read the following page to learn about OpenIT's overall structure:

      Second, make sure Debug=True in your inc/settings.ini file.  Also make sure the php.ini directive "display_errors" is set to 1.  You should be able to do this in OpenIT's root .htaccess file (if you use Apache) by adding the following line:
      php_flag  display_errors 1

      Some general tips for adding your own modules/sections (after you create the database tables):
      1.  Create a new folder in modules.
      2.  Create the constants in inc/common.php.
      3.  Listing and deleting can be handled automatically using inc/common.*.php, but you will always need a modules/_name_/edit.php file.
      4.  Create the DataObject files in inc/classes and database metadata in inc/schema.
      5.  Add menu items to inc/header.php

      Its also handy to paste the line "DO_Common::debugLevel(?);" where ? = 1-5.  1 will print the least amount of information, while 5 will flood you with debugging information.  The closer you can paste that line to where you suspect the problem lies, the more useful it will be.

      And finally, I really don't want to look like I'm just using this forum for marketing, but if you urgently need customizations, you should consider purchasing commercial support.

      Please e-mail me directly ( if you're interested in commercial support/development options from Synthesys.  We'd love to help!

    • yOh

      yOh - 2006-03-27

      Dear Michael,
      thanks for your answer. I hvae do all you tell me, i had the module the DataObject and metadata. But i haven't understood what you say about : "DO_Common::debugLevel(?);" where ? = 1-5.

      And when i have do all you tell me i tested openit and now i have a white page. I have this page when i edit inc/common.php .

      Thanks a lot for help me,
      David yOh

    • yOh

      yOh - 2006-03-27

      Excuse me for not put this question in the precedent post but when i do all the change, i have to remake the install or i can do this change without restart install ?

      Thx for answering me
      David yOh

    • yOh

      yOh - 2006-03-29

      Hello all,

      I have resolved a part of my problem. Now i have this error :
      Notice: Use of undefined constant lCLIENTS - assumed 'lCLIENTS' in C:\www\msii\OpenIT2.2\inc\common.php on line 65

      Notice: Use of undefined constant lCLIENT - assumed 'lCLIENT' in C:\www\msii\OpenIT2.2\inc\common.php on line 68

      I have define the constants:
      define('sCLIENTS', 'Clients');

      Now i dont know what can be the prob! Please help me,
      David yOh

      • Aaron C

        Aaron C - 2006-03-29

        Quick bit of background, the constants that begin with 's' are section names, the constants that begin with 'l' are for translations and should be defined in the language files. If memory serves the value of the section constants are used to figure out which files to include. For example with that definition, it would expect the list page for that section to be at \Modules\Clients\list.php

        All that was to explain why the two constants may seem to always be the same, but are different. So what you will need to do is define the lClients constant in the translation files for languages that you will need.

    • yOh

      yOh - 2006-04-03

      Thanks for your answer Aaron C, but i have resolved my problem with my new section. The only one bug i have is:
      Now when i clik to view the details like employees or for edit, I don't nothing. For the view, I have nothing, and for editing i have only the textarea like a newAdd.
      I don't see what is the cause of this problem, and it's a fucking problem :)

      Sorry for my english,
      Thanks for answering me,

      David yOh


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