JoinAdd error after running OnlineregenDO.php

  • Jay

    Jay - 2008-11-27

    This issue has been resolved, but I thought I would post the solution:

    OpenIT 3.0.1 (Upgraded from 2.x)
    After adding some custom fields, I ran /tools/OnlineregenDO.php to update the schema and classes.

    I received "DB_DataObject Error: joinAdd: ___ not linked with ___" errors when accessing most pages in OpenIT and the data would not display.

    My OpenIT 2.x DB table names were all lower case (I see that this is not the case with the setup for 3.0.1). OnlineregenDO.php renamed all the tables in /inc/schema/openit.ini to match the lower case; however, all the table names in /inc/schema/openit.links.ini were still Title Case.  Renaming all the table names to lower case in openit.links.ini resolved the issue.

    Hope this helps somebody! :-)
    ><>  Jay

    • Jay

      Jay - 2008-12-01

      Changing the case of the tables in /inc/schema/openit.links.ini had some of its own problems I didn't catch at first. Instead, I had to change the table names to Title Case in /inc/schema/openit.ini and every table definition in /inc/classes/.


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