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Software function not listing after upgrade

  • Tim

    Tim - 2007-07-06

    After upgrading from 2.2 to 3.0.1 the Software function is borked.

    I can (apparently) add new software, but when I try to list/view them, I get no results.  The Column headers are there, but no software is listed.

    turning debugging on in the settings.ini file gives me the following error:

    DB_DataObject Error: joinAdd: Vendors has no link with Software DB_DataObject Error: joinAdd: Installations has no link with SoftwareDB Error: no such field

    I did run the querys listed in the upgrade file and they all came out fine, after I corrected the capitalization of some of the table names.

    I'm guessing there are some missing columns in the Software table?

    Thanks for the help.

    • Nick Vrtis

      Nick Vrtis - 2007-07-07

      It almost looks like you are either running an old piece of code from 2, or somehow inc/schema/openit.ini or inc/schema/openit.links.ini did not get replaced during the upgrade.  The Installations table is not used in any of the 3.0 code.

      Can you document which tables needed to be capitalized so that I can update the source?



      • Tim

        Tim - 2007-07-11

        I diff'd the inc/schema/openit.ini and openit.links.ini files in my installed directory against the files I extracted from the download and they are the same.

        As far as what I capitalized, basically in the upgrade.txt file, I changed any of the table names in the mysql queries that were lower case to upper case.  Also, in the ALTER TABLE `Installations` query, there is a ';' on line 5 after `SerialNumber` that should be a ','.

        Thanks for the help.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

        • Nick Vrtis

          Nick Vrtis - 2007-07-11

          Do you have a /modules/Software/list.php?  Since you are doing an upgrade, version 2.x did have one.  Version 3 uses the new 'common.list.php' and doesn't need this.  Try renaming list.php to something else, and seeing if that will fix the problem.



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