import from cvs / excel file

  • prashant

    prashant - 2006-01-02

    is there any option to import from cvs / excel sheet which comprises of invetory list to OpenIT ?
    if so is there a specific format of the cvs file which needs to be imported into OpenIT ?

    • Aaron C

      Aaron C - 2006-01-02

      Depending on your database there is a really clumsy unpleasant way of doing it but nothing built into OpenIT at this point.

    • Michael Schurter

      Aaron's referring to phpMyAdmin's ability to import from CSV files and perhaps Excel documents in later versions.

      It should work pretty easily *if* you have all of the columns lined up properly.

      One other important note: after manually altering any table in OpenIT's database, you need to update the _sequences table.  The _sequences table needs to contain the table name and the last ID inserted into that table.

    • daremo18

      daremo18 - 2007-11-06

      Yeah, I loaded OpenRSM server and then put the agent on all my domain workstations (OpenRSM available from  They report successfully to the server, much like SMS.  I then exported the system list from OpenRSM as CSV file.  Then, I went into phpmyadmin and exported the computers table from the openit database.  It was blank, but I had it put the header row at the top.  I copied and pasted data from my OpenRSM computer CSV to the blank OpenIT computers.csv.  Fill in the ID column with sequential numbers.  Leave other columns blank. 

      In phpmyadmin, I imported the resulting saved computers.csv back into the computers table of OpenIT database.  Viola!  195 machines entered with not too much trouble.  It is easier to go in and set the location, department, and user when I have the serial number, FQDN, and model info already entered.



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