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  • Pawel Suwinski

    Pawel Suwinski - 2005-06-07


    I am looking for Inventory/Helpdesk solution for medium company.
    I've found OpenIT and it looks very interesting.

    We need something for about 1500 employees and about 5000 different kind of
    stuff (computers, routers, printers, peripherals and software. Can OpenIT
    manage such many records?

    2.0 version looks better because of its peripherals module, but reports still
       doesn't work and after all it lacks some few important (I think that not
       only for us) features. Namely:

       - history of hardware (how it goes through the company, answering the question who own
         the thing in the past)

              it shouldn't be so hard to implement, generally by changing  "UPDATE" sql statement to INSERT new record after edit actions.
       - licence end date field in software module
       - notification before expiring warranty or licence

    We have some ability to modify PHP/MySQL code but all we know that it is not the
    way of developing open softwares.  So here is my questions:

    1. do you commercially support OpenIT some how?
    2. or would you consider to add those features maybe in some way of exchange, for example
    we would improve polish translation (it is not to good), do some testing, do some
    detail feedback from my company's installation or something similar...
    3. any other propositions?


    • Michael Schurter

      Right now OpenIT probably isn't designed to handle 1500 users and 5000 items easily.  It's much more an interface issue than a scalability issue.  As far as data capacity goes, OpenIT can probably scale well beyond double your current numbers, but the interface won't support it well.  For instance all computers are displayed on one page regardless of how many computers there are.

      The good news is it wouldn't be difficult to change the interface in such a way that would make it scale better and not make it any more difficult for those of us with much smaller organizations.

      To answer question #1:  My employer, Synthesys Computer Solutons, offers commercial support with very very reasonable rates (we like to work on OpenIT!).  I don't want to fill this forum with marketing, so please contact me directly, michael@synthesyssolutions.com , for more details on commercial support.  We'd love to help!

      As for questions #2 & #3, we'd always love any help you can offer.  Right now the development is (or should be!) focused on stablizing 2.0 which is a pretty boring and thankless job as no new features will be introduced (with the exception of perhaps Reports).

      In the 2.1+ world reporting will definitely reappear, and some of those interface changes to support more equipment will probably show up as well.  The history bit is a little more of a major change.  I think it's a great idea, and I can see some slick and seamless ways to pull it off, but I don't know how quickly it will get done.  It's not an issue for the organization I'm currently developing OpenIT for, so it's not going to be a high priority.


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