Software extra info bug (3.0.1 rc1)

  • joel

    joel - 2007-06-28

    I just downloaded version 3.0.1 rc1 the other day and have been creating an inventory of some computers at my small business.  While I was adding new software, I would put a little note in the extra info section and it would not save to the database.  I looked at the database and there was no column for that.  I added the column (ExtraInfo) and data could be read from the location (ie. when viewing a software license) but when I add new software, it still won't save that one piece of information into the new column.  I think it's close to working, but I don't quite understand enough about the code to fix it yet.  You guys are doing a great job!


    • Nick Vrtis

      Nick Vrtis - 2007-06-29


      When you add new software with the ExtraInfo, do you get an error message?  Or does it add the entry, and just not the ExtraInfo?

      Where did you add the column in the table?  And how did you define it?  It should be right after DateRemoved and defined as VARCHAR(250).


      • joel

        joel - 2007-06-29


        Thanks for the quick response.  No, I didn't get any error message.  It added the entry and just didn't populate the ExtraInfo field.

        I defined it as a char(100) because inc/classes/Software.php has string(100) in the comments and I deduced the type from the SerialNumber which has string(40) in the comments.  I didn't realize the position of the column in the table made a difference, so I just put it after the Flag field.

        I made the changes you suggested, and it still wouldn't save the ExtraInfo data in the record.  If I manually put ExtraInfo data into the record, when I view the record in OpenIT, it will show up.

        I hope this helps.


      • Nick Vrtis

        Nick Vrtis - 2007-07-02

        Finally.. I figured out what the problem is...

        There was one additional change that did not get updated.

        In inc/schema/openit.ini you need to add the following the [Software] section.

        ExtraInfo = 2

        That will tell the underlying database that the field is part of the table...

        I'll have to figure out how to add this to SVN.... Unfortunately, it will probable go into RC2, since I have half a group of stuff related to the rewrite of AD login currently 'in process'.


        • joel

          joel - 2007-07-03

          That fix works great!  Thank you for the help!


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