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Feature request? - show software installs

  • Scott Gamble

    Scott Gamble - 2006-07-25

    Really nice project guys.  This is very helpful. 

    The only thing I'd like to immediately request is the ability to show *where* software is installed.

    For instance, you go to the software link and you see that Office has 10 licenses and 4 installs.  It would be very useful if we could simply click the "Install Number" and have it render a list of computers in which its installed upon.

    Again, nice job folks.

    • Nick Vrtis

      Nick Vrtis - 2006-08-17


      Actually, I'm working on pretty much a complete rewrite of the Software module which will do this.

      Unfortunately, it's a fairly significant chunk of code that involves table changes.  So I'm not sure how I'm going to set up a migration plan (I started with a new install, so didn't have to face migration yet).


    • Nick Vrtis

      Nick Vrtis - 2006-10-03


      I posted a new set of code on SVN, branch->Vrtisworks-3.0 that has a complete rewrite of "Software tracking".  The software listing looks a lot like the computer listing.  Right now it shows the "AssetTag" column from the computer it is attached to.  That could easily be changed to a different field (Serial number?, ComputerID?)..

      Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to move the data from the existing Software setup to the new one.



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