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Peter Finn
  • Peter Finn

    Peter Finn - 2005-06-15

    Hi I just checked back in to see how you were going. It looks like work is progressing well FANTASTIC.

    I was wondering if you are going to start looking at conforming to the ITIL standards soon. It appears from an ITIL perspective you are building what is called a CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase) and this is the key building block for developing an ITIL compliant service desk tool.

    There is currently no open source ITIL conformant service desk toolset on the market and if there was a good one it would get a very strong world wide following.  The key components for ITIL are incident management, change managment, problem management, SLA management, configuration management, release management and availabilaty management.  There is only a dozen or so ITIL conforment service desk tools on the market. Here they are

    Have you guys thought about getting together with one of the other open source incident management tools and performing a joint venture,

    • Michael Schurter

      Thanks for the compliment.  I wish OpenIT were fantastic right now, but unfortunately I'm afraid the best we can hope for at this point is to progress fantastically.  ;-)

      I just spent about 10 minutes looking at the site and trying to read up on ITIL.  At first glance it appears that OpenIT won't be ITIL compliant for a long long time.

      OpenIT is aimed more towards the small-medium sized businesses that cannot afford or do not have the IT staff to support enterprise level solutions like HP's OpenView.  It looks like all of the certified solutions on the page are expensive enterprise solutions which I'm not looking to compete with right now.

      Anyway, I'll quit rambling and just say that don't expect it anytime soon, but I would *love* to see OpenIT reach that level some day.


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