Does OpenIT support multiple customers

  • bbunnell

    bbunnell - 2005-10-07

    I own an IT company and I am looking for a tool to allow my customer to open trouble tickets.  I need something where users can log in and can open tickets and see status of open issues.  The big thing is that I need to be able to seperate each company from each other.  Also I am looking for my engineers to be abe to enter site visit notes while at the customers.   Can you do this with openIT?

    • Aaron C

      Aaron C - 2005-10-14

      Ah I see no one ever answered your question. Out of the box OpenIT doesn't support limiting access to specific slices of sections based on login (aka what your asking).
      You can actually sorta fake this with Bugzilla by the way, using groups. Not that Bugzilla is exactly a simple interface or anything.

      Let me toss in the standard plug though, Michael & I's parent company would be happy to do custom development work on OpenIT if after looking around you'd prefer to make OpenIT support multiple companies (M's also discussed changing the way the permissions work in the long run, don't think it'll get you exactly what you want either.)

    • Michael Schurter

      I guess I should throw in my $0.02.  Lots of people seem to want this feature for OpenIT.  Synthesys Solutions (Aaron & I's employer) is an IT consulting firm who could probably use this feature internally as well.

      So why doesn't OpenIT support multiple companies/clients?

      1.  Because it's hard (huge permissions & small UI changes).
      2.  Because Synthesys developed OpenIT for use at 1 specific client - meaning we really don't have much motivation to make a 1-install-fits-all OpenIT solution.

      This feature doesn't appear to be on the radar for either of the other two OpenIT developers: Jeremy (foobarbam) and Dan "I'm busy with phpFlickr" Coulter.

      However I've been approached by an employee from a local computer sales & repair business who said he's attempting to integrate OpenIT & Mambo/Joomla for their clients.

      So where does this leave us?

      1.  Wait to see if that 3rd party developer does the integration.
      2.  Wait for OpenIT developers to do it (would probably happen some day, but not soon).
      3.  Start a pledge drive.  Seriously, there are probably enough people who want this that if they all threw in $25, Aaron & I could convince our employer to let us take the job.  And if Jeremy's interested, and the pledge drive works, we could probably fund him to work on it as well instead of just making it a Synthesys job.

      Well this post is getting long, but #3 probably deserves more discussion somewhere...  I'm interested to hear from people.


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