brett - 2006-09-06


Call me an ox, still running php 4.2.2 (its a production server that has custom software, so there are some update issues). I ran through the following steps to make OpenIT run on php-4.2.2 / mysql 3.23:

PATH_SEPARATOR variable is only available in php-5, so add the following code to inc/common.php and tools/setup.php (at the top):
if ( !defined('PATH_SEPARATOR') ) {
    define('PATH_SEPARATOR', ( substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3) == 'WIN' ) ? ';' : ':');

The other problem is that the sha1 function is also only available in php-5, so as a work-around, change from sha1 to md5, by editing inc/settings.php (in the my_crypt function):
return sha1($text);

return md5($text);

Voila, should work...