Some features I wouldn't mind to see

  • Silvio Balzano

    Silvio Balzano - 2005-04-11

    It would be nice if the date fields filled in automatically.  Also, if you can have a default unassigned tech, that would be great also.  Currently, if you leave the tech unassigned, you get an error when you try to edit the ticket.  So it goes...

    • Michael Schurter

      Date fields are currently nothing short of a disaster in 2.0-beta1.  They're one of the major blockers to 2.0-final being released.

      Allowing tickets to go unassigned was a bug.  Thanks for catching it!  While I can see why it would be handy to allow, I think it's a good business practice for every IT department out there to always make sure *someone* is responsible for a support ticket.


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