Unable to compile mp4creator.exe on Windows

  • Thoughtworks_Offshore

    I am trying the build the mp4creator application but the build is failing saying

    LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "OpenIPMPMPEG4SinfDRMEncryptor.lib"
    Error executing link.exe.

    mp4creator.exe - 1 error(s), 425 warning(s)

    I am using VIsual C++ 6 for building .

    When i search for lib file in the C:\mpeg4ip-1.5 directory i am able to see it at 2 places


    Is there any place where we need this library file ???

    I went through Documentation and hve made sure that NASM.exe in placed
    in the Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin directory before  compiling
    and SDL.dll,SDL.lib and SDLmain.lin hve been placed in system32 directory

    The SDL is also present in C:\mpeg4ip-1.5 directory

    If someone has clues to this problem please let me know.

    I have picked the mpeg4ip.rar file from openipmp\src\Demo\mpeg4ip path
    and am trying to deploy this software there.

    openipmp is an open source software available on Sourforge for setting digital rights

    Rajat Bhatnagar

    • jeremy james

      jeremy james - 2009-08-18

      On windows platform, one can then build DRM plugin SDK either with Microsoft Visual Studio 6 or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. In directory src/DRMPlugin/DRMPluginAll, there are DRMPluginAll.dsw (Visual Studio 6 workspace) and DRMPluginAll.sln (Visual Studio .NET solution). Use the DRMPluginAll project to build all the code for the SDK. After the build is completed, all libraries and headers are copied to src/DRMPlugin/DRMPluginAll/DRMPlugin directory. Headers are copied to include directory. DRMPluginAll.dsw copies all binaries to lib/win32/VC6/debug directory for Debug configuration and to lib/win32/VC6/release directory for Release configuration. DRMPluginAll.sln copies all binaries to lib/win32/VC7/debug directory for Debug configuration and to lib/win32/VC7/release directory for Release configuration. After that one can use the code to build and link his own applications.


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