about MasterDOI and InstanceDOI

  • water4e

    water4e - 2007-01-16

    Dear experts,

    I have some question about MasterDOI and InstanceDOI:

    I found in openIPMP one content has one MasterDOI and one InstanceDOI and different content has deffenent MasterDOI and InstanceDOI.
    What is the difference between MasterDOI and InstanceDOI? Could we use one DOI for one content?

    Thanks in advance.

    • chris mollis

      chris mollis - 2007-01-16

      We implemented the DOI because, at the time, it was one of the proposed MPEG standards for content identification.  As it turns out, MPEG eventually relaxed the content ID rules and, I believe, you can utilize whatever you want for content ID.  Most of the content identification functions are managed by the server anyway, parsing the appropriate content id when a license is requested..  There is some value to having it on the client (e.g. persistent association of content with the ID (digital signatures), common metadata structures, but not much as it turns out (at least not yet)  We left it there because we had already implemented it and it's somewhat of a 'market leader'.. particularly for e-books, etc.

      If I remember correctly, the Master DOI is related to the associated metadata common to all instances of the presentation (name, author, etc).  The instance DOI was related to the specific encrypted instance of the work.. and other stuff.. like bit rate, codecs, etc..  You can certainly rewrite this portion of it, if you want..  Our current stuff with OMA, etc.. makes limited use of it anyway.


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