• Paul Jenkins

    Paul Jenkins - 2005-03-08

    I see that Sourceforge is _reporting_ on the project, but is there still any active development on this?

    • Craig Miller

      Craig Miller - 2005-03-08

      Yes, we are still actively developing. There are a number of things in development, including:

      - upgrading to the latest version of mpeg4ip, which will be more efficient and be fully ISMAcrypt compliant.
      - tools for smoother and automated packaging of mp4 files
      - integrating the plug-in architecture so that it will work in commercial players (windows media, quicktime, etc).

      Let us know more about your interest in the project, and perhaps we can help ... ?


    • Thomas

      Thomas - 2005-04-08


      I'm also interested in this project. I'm using mpeg4ip and DSS to stream mp4 video.

      I will try your last version to see how it works. I was just reading the forums first ;)


      • Craig Miller

        Craig Miller - 2005-04-08

        Great! Let us know what you think.
        It is currently working with an outdated version of mpeg4ip. We are currently working on updating it to the latest version.  So be sure to check back over the next several weeks for new releases.


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