#6 Linux IPMI driver stops responding


Platform: HP DL585 G2
Linux Kernel.org

After months of continuous polling the IPMI driver stops responding to #define GET_SENSOR_READING (0x2D | (NETFN_SEVT << 8)) commands using IPMICTL_SEND_COMMAND and select(). After initialization that is all my driver does. There are no other IPMI users.

Are there any known scenarios that can cause this?



  • Corey Minyard

    Corey Minyard - 2009-04-10

    I'm assuming this has only happened once? Do any logs come out of the kernel driver?

    This could be the driver, but it could also be the IPMI controller (BMC) just stopping working. I've seen that happen before.

  • Drew

    Drew - 2009-04-10

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I have seen it happen four different times all on different units (out of a few thousand). Unfortunately, I don't have access to the linux system messages.

    What is your opinion on reloading the IPMI modules as an attempt to recover? Or maybe opening and closing /dev/ipmi0?


  • Corey Minyard

    Corey Minyard - 2009-04-10

    Closing and opening the device probably won't help, that doesn't do anything with the actual device interactions.

    Reloading the driver might help. That would give you some idea whether it is the driver or the BMC, though it would not be 100% proof either way.

    The logs would be the most helpful, I think. There's not much I can do without them.


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