OpenIllusionist v1.3.0

Now that Sourceforge have kindly added Subversion functionality we have moved the latest versions of the modules to it and will be using it in future instead of CVS.

* The latest version of OpenIllusionist is available from module "openillusionist_1.x/trunk" and the subversion url is therefore:

* A packaged version of the OpenIllusionist 1.3.0 source code is available as a 7-zip file either from our website or here.

* The new version has been modified to hopefully make things easier to get going. The Getting Started document has been updated accordingly.

* A FishtankIllusion compiled demo is now available (for Windows XP/2K systems with DirectX 9).

* OpenIllusionist now uses the FrameGrabber module in a dll instead. This means that developers do not need to compile the FrameGrabber libraries since we provide the dlls. But if you wish to compile them yourself then it is available from subversion under the module name "framegrabber_ds_1.x/trunk", however there will be very little, if any, documentation on how to do this. The compiled dlls are also available here and on our website.

* RobotShips exhibit in the Connect gallery at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh is now complete and the gallery is open to the public!

Posted by Dan Parnham 2006-03-06

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