Major Code Update

OpenIllusionist is currently undergoing a major overhaul. At the end of this process, we should be able to offer OI functionality purely through libraries, and provide a cross-platform core. The latest CVS versions of OI include
* Both video for windows and DirectShow video capture
* Completely redesigned (and fully commented) fiducial marker recognition, running at far higher frame rates
* An extra "wall detection" front-end image processing mode, providing edge detected rather than intensity detected features
* A redesigned, more tolerant calibration system
* The virtual control agent is now attached to a physical marker
* Both video capture and fiducial recognition have been abstracted to standalone libraries, which are useable outside the rest of the OI framework
* Some internal architecture has been simplified for easier maintenance

Big thanks to Dan Parnham for getting the above done in record time pretty much singlehandedly!

Posted by Justen_Hyde 2005-05-24

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