#39 The aclocal call in autogen.sh is missing the m4 directory


This is a tiny patch to add the m4 directory to the aclocal call in autogen.sh, without it, some m4 macros are undefined when running configure at least on MSYS.

May be a good idea to add a call to libtoolize into autogen.sh as well.


  • Matěj Týč

    Matěj Týč - 2009-02-14

    What about running 'autoreconf -i' instead of running autogen.sh?
    I am thinking of replacing the contents of autogen.sh with this only line.
    Would it work for you?

  • Matěj Týč

    Matěj Týč - 2009-02-14
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  • Rodrigo Hernandez

    It doesn't seem to help, I will try later using MinGW MSYS, but currently on Gentoo Linux (x86_64) I get:

    ./configure: line 21219: DEVIL_CHECK_RESTRICT: command not found
    ./configure: line 21228: syntax error near unexpected token `Altivec,'
    ./configure: line 21228: `TEST_EXT(Altivec,'

    Again, everything is fine after adding -I m4 to the aclocal call.

  • Denton Woods

    Denton Woods - 2009-02-21
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  • Matěj Týč

    Matěj Týč - 2009-02-21

    What aclocal call?
    I meant that you should call only 'autoreconf -i'
    Anyway, could you try the autogen.sh form SVN? That one should work...

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