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Developer's Image Library 1.8.0 Released

After nearly an 8 year hiatus, DevIL has a new release with a new build system, KTX support, a new equalization algorithm, and various bugfixes.

Posted by Denton Woods 2017-01-02

Developer's Image Library 1.7.8 Released

Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-platform image library that loads, saves, converts, manipulates, filters and displays a variety of images. Version 1.7.8 includes support for 11 new formats, French translation of error codes, new bilinear scaling, a Mathematica interface, some bugfixes and much more.

Posted by Denton Woods 2009-03-09

Developer's Image Library 1.7.7 Released

Version 1.7.7 was released today. Some of the major additions and changes include:

* Loading: WBMP, Sun Raster, GameCube TPL textures, IFF
* Saving: WBMP, OpenEXR, JPEG 2000, TIFF saving to file streams
* Windows Mobile projects and DevIL.NET included
* Doxygen documentation and improved PDF documentation
* Better support for cubemaps and spheremaps
* Support for alpha-only formats (IL_ALPHA)
* Various bugfixes and much more

Posted by Denton Woods 2009-02-07

Developer's Image Library 1.7.5 Released

Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-platform image library that loads, saves, converts, manipulates, filters and displays a variety of images. Version 1.7.5 includes better documentation and Valve Texture File (.vtf) support.

Posted by Denton Woods 2008-12-31

Developer's Image Library 1.7.4 Released

Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-platform image library that loads, saves, converts, manipulates, filters and displays a variety of images. Version 1.7.4 adds German translations of the error messages, DirectX 10 support, 64-bit support and several other changes. The typedef void that prevented it from being compiled with the latest GCC was removed as well.

Posted by Denton Woods 2008-12-26

Developer's Image Library: 1.7.1 Released

Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-platform image library utilizing a simple syntax to load, save, convert, manipulate, filter and display a variety of images with ease.

After a 2 year hiatus, the Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is now being actively worked on again. Version 1.7.1 was just released, including support for high-resolution Windows Vista icons, Mac OS X .icns and JPEG 2000 support.

Posted by Denton Woods 2008-08-27

DEvIL 1.6.8 RC1

DevIL 1.6.8 Release Candidate 1 has been released! here is a small list of the changelog!
More dds formats, Fixed some bmp savings bugs, improved png loading, added HDR format, Improved animated gif loading, Better support for ICO format, General Bugfixes, Documentation updates

Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-19

Developer's Image Library 1.4.0 Released

A few things you can look for in this version are .psp support, better .gif support, the ability to read .tif files from memory, and a lot of other additions and fixes.

Posted by Denton Woods 2002-05-16

Developer's Image Library 1.3.1 Released

Version 1.3.1 of DevIL was just released. It contains several bugfixes, including a huge bugfix on ilLoadPal.

Posted by Denton Woods 2002-04-19

Open Image Library 2.0.6b Released

Lots of improvements and bugfixes are in this as usual, along with some easier to use functions.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-11-28

Open Image Library (OpenIL) 2.0.0b Released

OpenIL has gone through some major api redesigns, with a slew of new features and bugfixes in 2.0.0b. OpenIL also now has makefiles for Linux and is one of the most full featured image libraries out there.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-11-11

Open Image Library 1.5.7a Released - Now Includes Filters

A lot of new features have been added, but the most notable is the addition of image filters. Screw with your pictures however you want! Try the iluAlienify function. =]

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-08-08

Open Image Library 1.5.2a Released

Lots of changes and additions evident in this release.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-08-03

Open Image Library 1.4.7a Released - Lots of bugfixes

- Fixed a potentially fatal error in ilConvertImage if converting from a palette'd image.
- Fixed ReadProc to take 4 parameters instead of just was causing problems with iread, which takes two size parameters instead of just one.
- Started preliminary support for 1 and 4-bit .bmp's.
- Fixed 8-bit .bmp loading.
- Rewrote iFreeMem() and a little of ilDeleteImages() in istack.c to fix a rare but very harmful bug when an image isn't loaded completely.
- Added support for more palettes in ilConvertPal().
- Updated png.c to use the new cross-language file-reading. This is the only lib that I could get to use the cross-language stuff for operating on already-opened files.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-07-30

Open Image Library 1.4.2a Released

- Moved all il*.h out of /OpenIL* and into /include/il.
- Changed ABee's e-mail address where relevant.
- Updated the openil.def file, which didn't include the jpeg functions.
- Updated the Delphi headers to use the correct default IL_NO_XXX #define's.
- #define'd _IL_BUILD_LIBRARY in the internal.h files of ilu and ilut. I'm so surprised this warning didn't pop up earlier, but oh well, it's a Microsoft product I'm compiling with. ;-)
- Updated the out of date djgpp.mak (not tested).

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-07-28

OpenIL 1.4.1a Release - Delphi Support Updated

- Changed png.h to png_.h
- Added internal but exported functions to the .def files.
- Better Delphi support from Alexander Blach, plus a lovely test app in the /Delphi/Test folder.
- Changed the readme.txt file some.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-07-28

OpenIL 1.4.0a Release - Delphi Support Added

About the only real new thing with this is inclusion of Delphi headers and support for building Delphi-compatible (and most other languages...) dlls. If anyone wants to write Visual Basic headers, that's all it should require to use from VB.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-07-27

Open Image Library 1.3.6a Released

This is a release in a series of small updated releases, mainly to make the library easier to use in MSVC++ and squash some untimely bugs.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-07-24

Open Image Library 1.3.1a Released

Lotsa changes, the major ones being saving of uncompressed .bmp and .sgi files and rle compression. A few bugfixes were tossed in too. Check versions.txt for details.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-07-10

Open Image Library 1.2.8a Released

There's lots of bugfixes in this release, along with a lot of internal improvements. OpenIL has been made as portable as I could possibly make it, as it has been successfully ported to Djgpp now and has partial support for Big-endian processors. Of course there's a buttload of new features in this release too. =)

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-07-08

Open Image Library 1.1.9a Released

We've progressed in leaps and bounds lately as you can tell from the dramatic version increase (1.02a->1.1.9a). If you are in need of a powerful and easy to use ImageLibrary for your project with support for nearly any format, OpenIL is the answer for you.

We are currently in need of a Linux developer(s), if you think you fit the 'bill' drop a line to Denton @

Posted by James Joplin 2000-06-25

Open Image Library v. 1.02a Released

Version 1.02a is out now and emulates the Open* api's more closely than ever.

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-06-06

Open Image Library's First Release and Website

OpenIL's website is finally up and functional, and the first alpha is out!

Posted by Denton Woods 2000-05-19