64 Bit Compatibility

  • Robin

    Robin - 2007-08-08

    Does anyone have any thoughts on porting DevIL to 64 bit Windows (or other OS)?

    • Eugene aka Jite

      Eugene aka Jite - 2008-08-03

      I'll be later (soon :)

    • Freak .

      Freak . - 2009-04-26

      From what i have seen it cannot be done currently, there is something in the headers with "TODO: MASM Code" as Inline assembly is not supported by MSVC x64. So it likely needs some intrinsics to compensate for the lack of ASM.

      It's kind of frustrating that it's not been looked at or addressed, as here we are @ Microsofts 3rd 64bit OS apon us, and no ability to code OSS for it.   Mingw64 may be able to compile the library, but it's so muddled that it's likely not worth the efforts.

      Both Devil and Freeimage seem to suffer from the same problems, so it appears OSS has not been well prepared for x64 Windows.

      • Denton Woods

        Denton Woods - 2009-04-27

        I compile and use DevIL regularly on x64 versions of Windows (specifically Vista and the Windows 7 beta) as a 64-bit binary.  The only thing that does not work properly is the inline ASM, but it is commented out by a define.

    • Freak .

      Freak . - 2009-04-28

      Thanks for the reply, Denton. I noticed that you mention " I will release the x64 versions of the Windows SDK and enduser files soon." And also there appears to be some links for Devil x64 on the homepage: But link takes me to 32bit. "http://downloads.sourceforge.net/openil/DevIL-EndUser-x64-1.7.8.zip"

      I would really like to see x64 have compiled libraries available, Can i contact your email address for a compiled library for Vista x64?

      I have just retried to setup MSVC with Devil under x64, and trying to compile the .sln in Projects/MSVC9, but I cannot seem to work out how to get the "config.h.in" to become "config.h", via configure.bat.  Are there any instructions I'm missing, as i get "cannot find the specified file" from the command prompt.

      Anything that can be done to make the issue less of one, would be most appreciated, I will continue to try and plod along and compiling Devil under MSVC2008 x64,  based on your word. :)

      Thanks for any advice on the matter.


      • Denton Woods

        Denton Woods - 2009-04-28

        I apparently forgot to upload the x64 versions.  It may be a couple of days before I can get around to it, since I don't have 1.7.8 compiled right now (mainly working on the next version).  But I will make a note to do so soon.

    • Denton Woods

      Denton Woods - 2009-05-03

      I did upload the x64 version of the SDK a few days ago.  Please let me know if it does not work correctly.

    • Freak .

      Freak . - 2009-05-06

      Thankyou Denton,

      I have not tried your libraries yet, as i have managed to compile both 32 and 64bit versions myself (woohoo)
      albeit so far without, Tiff, PNG, Jpeg, Unreal and Microsoft HDPhoto.

      Do you have the missing "http://openil.sourceforge.net/libs/LibSrc.zip" file mentioned in "Libraries.txt" as i believe this has TIFF/JPEG/PNG/Zlib sources all in the one zip file, rather than me chasing it all up myself.  Do you have this file handy?

      The link doesn't work, and i could not find it anywhere else around. I had issues when downloading Libtiff separately.

      Also just for your attention, I did have some troubles with ILUT.

      fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '..\src\ilut_directxm.c': No such file or directory
      fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '..\src\ilut_directx10.c': No such file or directory

      It seem the above files are not found in the installation?  I can find "ilut_directx9.c" So I removed DX10 support from ILUT.h and it fixed the issues.

      Also when compiling DevIL by default this error crept up.

      fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '..\src\il_utx.c': No such file or directory\

      It was also referencing a file which doesn't exist.... There is an "il_utx.cpp" but renaming caused many more issues, so i also got rid of unreal support, which is not important to myself. But may be worth looking into for others in future builds.


      • Denton Woods

        Denton Woods - 2009-05-06

        I'm not sure how ilut_directxm.c and ilut_directx10.c did not get into the distribution.  il_utx.cpp is the correct file, not il_utx.c.  You can get UTX support by just adding il_utx.cpp to the IL project.  I think I have LibSrc.zip sitting around, but I should probably update it with the latest versions of the external libraries.

    • Brandon

      Brandon - 2009-05-07

      I downloaded the 64 bit SDK and am having trouble with it. Perhaps I simply don't understand something but depends is barking at me about "Modules with different CPU types were found." which causes it not to load in my app. Any suggestions?


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