X11 & XRender

  • Jesse

    Jesse - 2009-01-28

    Hello. I'm the guy who wrote the patch for X11 support a couple years back. Seeing that it was in the sources for 1.7.x I thought it would be polite to maintain that bit of code. I know there were a few things to fix. I was also thinking of extending it for more advanced features of X, specifically XRender. This would be quite a bit more difficult, but I'm sure would be very cool to have. Is there any interest in this?

    • Denton Woods

      Denton Woods - 2009-01-28

      Jesse, that would be great if you wanted to fix and extend the X11 code.  I have not received any specific requests for it, and I had to look up what XRender is.  It looks pretty neat.  More and more people are using Linux, so it would be a good feature to add.  DevIL also works really well in Linux now, especially with the make system that Matej has set up.

    • Matěj Týč

      Matěj Týč - 2009-01-29

      Wow, this is very nice from you!
      Just don't forget that documentation is also very important.
      So it would be awesome if you could document the code using Doxygen syntax.
      We also have a manual in DevIL/docs/DevIL_manual.texi , so if you know texinfo syntax, you can describe how to use what you have coded for the users.
      And thanks for your interest, too!

    • Jesse

      Jesse - 2009-01-30

      I'm glad to have such an enthusiastic response. I will try my best. If I have specific problems reading the il sources you'll be sure to spot me on the forums. Otherwise I'll be piecing disparate code together from my 'testing' folder to get this project done.



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