Marie - 2011-06-14


I used your library to convert images in dds format. The program works fine, I only have a problem with the colors of the converted image. This problem doesn't appear in the convertion with Nvidia. I tried on different formats (png, jpg, psd…) and it doesn't change anything.
There is a loss of quality only on the alpha gradient and the black and white gradient but not on the color gradient. Is it normal or I did something wrong?
Is there a parameter to change to have a better quality, or is there another convertion method?

Here is the convertion code:

// Initialize IL
    // Initialize ILU
    ILuint imageName;
    ilGenImages(1, &imageName);
    if (!ilLoadImage(nomFichier.c_str()))
        return -1;
    if ( ! ilSave(IL_DDS, nomFichierConverti.c_str()))
        return -1;

Thank you