more configure script problems

  • Jesse

    Jesse - 2009-02-06

    Yes, it's me again. Didn't want to bother but I've come across several oddities in my build.

    The first thing I noticed was that "./configure --help" states that the option "--with-ILUT=yes" will enable building ILUT, however, I only got it to build with "--enable-ILUT=yes". This was relatively easy to figure out.

    The second thing was much more serious I think. After building the libraries I went into the examples directory and typed "make" only to get an error:
    ../lib/.libs/ undefined reference to `iGLSetMaxW'
    ../lib/.libs/ undefined reference to `iGLSetMaxH'
    Which I tracked to ilut_opengl.c and after trying to fix it myself failed. The functions are obviously defined. The only thing I could think of is that the file they are in is not being compiled into the library, but that another part of the library is referring to them.

    Also, I get "undefined reference" on several math functions. It must be the case that "-lm" isn't being linked. From what I understand libm used to be linked by default by gcc. Perhaps this has changed (I'm using 4.3.2). Luckily this one is easy to fix.

    Next, 'make' isn't recompiling source files and rebuilding according to my modifications. But this actually makes sense given my last point.

    Last, for some reason the file I've been working in (src-ILUT/src/ilut_x11.c) isn't being compiled, which is really odd, because with the last patch I sent in, this file was compiling. (From a clean 1.6.8 download, patched, and compiled, it was included int he build) Apparently something was broken between versions.

    Some of these things I could fix, but it might take me awhile.

    • Matěj Týč

      Matěj Týč - 2009-02-06

      Hello and thank you for the report,
      do you use the latest SVN version? Some of the problems you report should be OK now.
      I have modified (and hopefully fixed) the il_x11.c file issue and the math issue as well.
      Please tell us whenever you encounter something strange or even unclear what is not covered in the documentation!

    • Jesse

      Jesse - 2009-02-06

      I wasn't using the svn, but should have. I'll be on that one now.

      • Denton Woods

        Denton Woods - 2009-02-06

        Hmm, maybe I should get rid of the link to CVS, since it is quickly becoming outdated.


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