DevIL license: LGPL vs. BSD

  • Babak Sayyid Hosseini

    Dear DevIL-SDK developers,

    is there a reason why DevIL is licensed under LGPL and not under a BSD License ?


    Babak Sayyid Hosseini

    • Denton Woods

      Denton Woods - 2009-05-21

      This is mainly because all of the libraries that DevIL uses are also under the LGPL.  There are some parts of DevIL that use code that is under the LGPL license from other sources, so it really needs to stay under the LGPL.  I have not seen a reason compelling enough to switch yet.

    • Babak Sayyid Hosseini

      Hello Denton,

      in case of C/C++ based API's, I consider the less restrictive BSD license as more appropriate than LGPL.

      If an LGPL API uses C++ template instantiation and inline functions, the corresponding code gets nested into the end users code. In terms of LGPL, a software can keep its own lincense, if it uses LGPL licensed software only "externally" (linking its DLLs).

      As already mentioned is this not the case as soon as the LGPL'ed API makes usage of template and (long) inline functions.

      I don't think you are forced to put your API under LGPL just because you are referencing 3rd party LGPL libraries. As long as your API is just using 'em (externally) and you did not create your own derivative version of them 3rd party APIs, you are free to set your API under a license of your choice.


      Babak Sayyid Hosseini


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