Controlling Image Compression

  • Simulacrum111

    Simulacrum111 - 2010-06-14


    I am using DevIL to convert images between different formats.  The library does this wonderfully however I can't seem to guarantee that my images are compressed in the same manner as they were created.

    For example I have a bitmap BMP that I wish to convert to a tif B_to_Tiff.  I can get a tif but I can't guarantee my tif will be of the same size as the original bitmap or at least uses the same compression algorithm as the original file.

    Am I out of luck?

  • Matěj Týč

    Matěj Týč - 2010-06-28

    Well, for me, it is somewhat difficult to understand the question.
    For instance
    - BMPs are usually uncompressed
    - different formats have different compression algorithms in general and there is nothing wrong with it
    - the physical size of the image should be the same, unless there is a bug out there.

    Could you please precise your question?

  • Simulacrum111

    Simulacrum111 - 2010-06-28

    I understand your response.  You have already answered my question.

    It turns out my problem is based on how I cannot control to tags in a tiff image with the DevIL library.  I will have to find another solution or write some code to be an intermediary between DevIL and my application.


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