Peter Werner - 2012-01-26

I'm stuck trying to install DevIL on a Windows 7, 64 bit workstation. I'm not a computer science type, so this has to be as simple as possible. It seems that whatever choice I click on, I'm being forced to download a 64 bit SDK version of DevIL. My understanding is that SDKs are for developers who want to add features to DevIL. I DEFINITELY do not want to spend any time compiling DevIL. I was hoping to download a zip file that would uncompress into the DLLs and .h files I need.  I do not want, or need source code for DevIL. It would take me a week to figure out how to compile it.  Is it possible to download a 64 bit Windows version of DevIL that does not have to be compiled?  I can't see how to do it here on SourceForg.  Thanks.