DevIL v 1.3.0

  • Ionic Storm Development

    Hola Folks,

    I would like to know if anyone has a copy of the source from version 1.3.0.

    I know it's old and all that, but that is the version the project I am dealing with at the moment used.

    I need the source to generate libs with the Win32 runtime that the rest of the project uses.

    If anyone has a copy of it, please post a link to it.

    Thank You


    • Denton Woods

      Denton Woods - 2009-01-11


      You can find downloads all the way back to the first version on the SF page.  The source is available at .

    • Ionic Storm Development

      Hello Denton,

      Cool. Thank You.

      The page I found on my own that contained previous versions only had the release versions of DevIL.

      Is there a particular search term I should use if I am / when searching SourceForge for old versions of source?

      Thanx Again.


      • Denton Woods

        Denton Woods - 2009-01-13

        That page will always contain every released version of the source.  Any project should have a downloads page on SourceForge with prior versions.


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