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Openia CRM - Quickstart


Two ways to try out Openia CRM.

Openbravo Forge Download

If you are already using Openbravo ERP you can easily log in as System Administrator, then download and install Openia CRM through the Openbravo Module Management window.

SourceForge Virtual Machine Download

If you are approaching Openbravo ERP and Openbravo CRM for the first time you can download the Openbravo Virtual Machine with an Openia CRM instance included from this link, unzip and execute the VM with your VM player of choice:

The Virtual Machine will show you the Openbravo dhcp address on the user interface as soon as it will complete its boot.
Put that address into your browser and you will be redirected to the Openbravo Login page (for example, log in with the following default credentials:

Crm Demo User

  • user: salesman
  • password: crm

Openbravo System Administrator

  • user: Openbravo
  • password: openbravo

The Calendar and the Fast Lookup features are also available for a smartphone view, log in with your smartphone browser at http://<DHCP-address>/openbravo/it.openia.crm/

User Setup

The CRM module allows to share leads, activities, opportunities, documents and cases between Openbravo Users. To allow the management of the Openbravo CRM Users' visibility at first you have to set a few informations on the Openbravo User Tab.

  • Go to Application->General Setup->Security->User as System Administrator
  • Add a new User filling in its mandatory fields and other fields you need to trace
  • Flag the option Is CRM User in order to view CRM related entries
  • Make sure the user email has been filled in correctly. It is useful to receive CRM-related email advices and CRM reminders of activities that the new user might want to insert or that might include him as a guest

SMTP Setup

In order to have the CRM email services on (such as Activity Reminders and Guest Invitations) you need to configure your SMTP Server into the Openbravo ERP, following the steps below:

  • Go to Application->General Setup->Client->Client as System Administrator
  • Click on the Client Organization record you have chosen to use your CRM with
  • Open the Email Configuration Tab and setup the SMTP email: SMTP Server Address, SMTP port, Sender Address, SMTP Connection Security (SSL/STARTTLS/None). If your SMTP server is not set on Open Mail Relay you must flag the SMTP Authentication checkbox and insert SMTP Server Account and SMTP Server Password

Processes Setup

Email Reminder

If you insert an Activity into your CRM you can chose to have an email reminder before the event on the Activity header tab.
This feature has to be configured by scheduling the MailSender Process into your Openbravo Application:

  • Go to Application->General Setup->Process Scheduling->Process Request as System Administrator
  • Add a new Process
  • Go to the Process field, open the drop down list and select the MailSender Process
  • If you want the process to run iteratively over a fixed amount of time (let's say for example you want to execute it every hour) go to the Timing selector
  • Select the Schedule option on the drop down list, the Scheduling Section will appear on the tab
  • Here you will set the time range into which the Reminder Process will be launched
  • By the time you save the record your Reminder Sender Process will be active

Zimbra Contact Synchronizer

If you have a Zimbra Email Account and you would like to import the email contacts directly into the Openbravo CRM Leads section you only need to configure the CRM Configuration Tab and a background process that will do the job:

Zimbra Account Configuration

  • Go to Application->CRM->Configuration->Settings
  • Add a new Setting with your CRM User
  • Insert the Zimbra Account Credentials and the Business Partner Category into which you will like your email contacts to be classified during the import procedure.

Zimbra Contact Synchronizer

  • Go to Application->General Setup->Process Scheduling->Process Request as System Administrator
  • Add a new Process
  • Go to the Process field, open the drop down list and select the ZimbraContactSync Process
  • Just like the Email Reminder Process select the execution time range you would like to give to the Zimbra Synchronizer
  • If you want to launch it once just chose the option Run Immediately into the Timing selector

These first configuration settings set an important basis for the core information and processes that you will use in the CRM.

In the next uploads we will expand the wiki with a deeper description of the CRM tabs and interfaces that will become necessary for your daily business works.

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