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Openia CRM - Leads

In the Leads tab you will be able to save and trace all your potential business contacts, share them with the other Openia CRM users of your company, and eventually turn them into Business Partners.

You can also create Opportunities and Activities starting from a single lead entry and clicking on the related buttons.

Starting from the screenshot below we will list the various fields and capabilities behind this tab.


Leads - fields

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Commercial Name
  • Phone
  • Alternative Phone
  • Position
  • Business Partner
  • Comments
  • Secondary Email
  • Lead Source: choose among different options such as Cold Call, Existing Customer, Self Generated, Employee, Partner, Public Relations, Direct Mail, Conference, Trade Show, Website, Word of Mouth, Email, Campaign, Other
  • Do Not Call
  • Lead Status: status could be New, Converted, Contact Attempted, Contacted, Qualified, Dead, Future
  • Status Description
  • Opportunity Amount
  • Assigned to: Openia CRM user who is in charge of the lead

Zimbra Contacts Import

If you have configured the Zimbra Synchronizer as it says in the Quickstart page you will have the chance to import your Zimbra contacts directly into this Leads section.
The Zimbra contacts will have the Zimbra Id filled in automatically from the synchronizer import, and you will be able to see it in the Lead header tab.


Create CRM lead-related informations from the Lead entry by simply clicking to the following buttons, based on your CRM needs:

  • Create Partner
  • Create Opportunity
  • Create Activity

Lead Configuration tabs

From version 1.0.28 you will have the possibility to set extra fields on the Lead Tab which comprehend the Lead Industry, Interest, Number of employees, Status Stages, expected Timing of the business etc..

Starting from the Openbravo Workspace you can go to Application->CRM->Configuration->Lead Configuration Tabs and find all the tables you can configure in order to select them and use them on each Lead record.

In the following link an example of Configuration tab setting

Leads - subtabs


  • Related Activities : in this subtab you will be able to see the activities that will be related to the Lead
  • Related Opportunities : in this subtab you will be able to see the opportunities that will be related to the Lead
  • Related Quotations : in this subtab you will be able to see the quotations that will be related to the Lead
  • Functionalities of Interest : in this subtab you will be able to see the interests that have been attached to the Lead, configure your set of interests by following the informations on the Lead Configuration tabs
  • Lead Address : in this subtab you will be able to see the lead's address
  • Enabled CRM Users : add an Openbravo Openia CRM associate to this subtab and you will be able to share the Lead with your colleagues

Filter leads by checking their Interests

If you have added some interests in the Functionalities of Interest Lead subtab you will be able to search for leads by interest and vice versa on the Functionality of Interest to Leads tab.

Here's a quick look at it : Openia CRM - Functionality of Interest to Leads

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