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Openia CRM - Crm Users Access Management

You can manage your colleagues visibility to each CRM data you are inserting by simply adding users to the Access subtab of the main record, could it be Activities, Opportunities, Leads, Cases.

From Openia CRM 1.0.2 you can add CRM Users massively, here is a quick look on how to do this.


In the Role Openbravo tab you can add a new record, let's say calling it simply CRM to indicate clearly the role-related group you are going to work with.

Then you go on the User Assignment tab and you add as many users you want (make sure they are flagged as CRM User or they will not be considered in the next procedure).

After you have selected all the right users, go to the CRM-related tab you want to add users on (let's say for example the Activities tab) and click on the button Add Users By Role.


A popup will show you all the Role records that you have on your Openbravo Application, choose the CRM one you have just created for this purpose, and click OK.

All the CRM Openbravo Users that were added to the list are now able to see your CRM Activity.

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