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Openia CRM - Calendar

Just like the Openia CRM Fast Lookup tool you can view the Calendar from your Openbravo Web Application, or directly from your mobile/tables device by following the link http://<ip-address>/openbravo/it.openia.crm/.

Calendar View

The Calendar gui is based on the Javascript FullCalendar plugin and provides each Activity that has been saved into your Openbravo Application.

You can select to view activities by month, week or day.

You can insert, edit and delete the activities directly from the Calendar.


Inserting New Activities

Whenever you want to insert a new activity click on the calendar day of the activity and fill in:

  • The name of the activity
  • The description
  • Activity Start
  • End
  • Select One of 4 different activities types: Call, Meeting, Task, Opportunity

The name and the start of the activity are mandatory fields.


You can save the activity by simply clicking on the save button or press enter once you have entered the right data.
Once the activity has been entered it will show up automatically in the calendar.

Editing New Activities

If you want to edit an activity press on the event you would like to modify and the popup with the activity related info will show up, fill in the corrections and save again

If you want to delete an activity Press on the event and click on the delete button.

If you have saved an Activity and you have attached it to a Lead, when you click on the activity from the Calendar you will be able to see all the main contacts that have been inserted on that lead's record in Openbravo.
This makes it easier if you want to call him and/or send him an email.
If you still want to see all the info on the lead you can click on the lead's name and the lead's Openbravo record will open up in another tab (from version 1.0.28).

From our latest version of Openia CRM you will also be able to set the lead status and the acitivity status directly from the Calendar popup.

Here's how it looks now:

Plan next Activity and Set previous Activity as "Done"

On the Activity editing popup you also have the opportunity to plan another activity with same lead starting from the one you are editing.

When clicking this button PlanNext a blank activity popup will show up to let you plan the next lead-related appointment on your calendar.

This button DoneAndNext instead saves the previous activity state as Done (activity's final closing state) and opens up a blank popup for the next lead-related appointment.
In order to set the activity as Done you need to configure each activity state as explained in the Activity Status Filter page.

Calendar Events Refresh buttons

On your CRM Calendar you can refresh all the activities directly from the db anytime you want with these two buttons:

The procedures behind these two buttons have been revisited and are available from version 1.0.26.

The first one (spiral green arrow) refreshes all the activities that are still open and the ones that have been closed in the past week.

The second button (white filter) loads every activity including all the closed ones.

The default activity load behaves as the first one, this will help you see all the activities that are still on the run without having too many "dead" appointments distracting your view.

Easier View on Activities that have been assigned to you (ver. 1.0.43)

Go to your user window and select an icon to attach to your user ('Star' for example)


Then return to the Calendar, you will see that each activity that has been assigned to you will have the icon right on the widget. You will easily be able to see what are the activities that you are directly involved with!


Openia CRM Calendar and the Activities Tab

Activities can also be inserted/edited/deleted as any other entity in your Openbravo web Application by opening the Application->CRM->Activities tab.
The two views are synchronized together, the difference is that in the Activities tab view you can specify some other optional informations.

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