OpenI 2.0 RC1 released!

Dear OpenI Community:

We are happy to announce the release candidate RC1 of OpenI 2.0 available for download.

There is also a demo available at (login is openi2/openi2)

We look forward to hearing your feedback on improving this release as we work on further testing of this version to get to general release. Please note that we are changing the license of OpenI to GPL v2 from this release. We will put a separate post to provide more information on that, but we feel that GPL is a much better option for us at the moment as it enables us to include other GPL-based components in our distribution.

Here're some more details on the release:

Files (available at:\):

This is the complete distribution containing all the components necessary to run OpenI with a single click. This is in response to the feedback from our community about simplifying our installation process. We are quite happy with the result, and would love to hear your feedback.

* contains binary build specific to Tomcat 6.0x
* contains binary build specific to Jboss 4.2.2 (and can be used for other j2ee servers as well)
* contains full source code to make your own custom builds

New features and enhancements (beyond what was in OpenI 2.0 Beta):

* Create a view-only analysis: An administrator can now create an analysis in view-only mode, meaning the users can view the analysis only in a "static" mode. This is in response to some feedback where users wanted to create analyses that had a fixed template, and also when they want to restrict how much data can be viewed by the user.

SF.Net Bug Fixes:

Bugs Fixed in 2.0-RC1:

* 2798368: Analysis is not saved under user's private folder.
* 2798348: Changing the chart labels for the x, y axis.
* 2798347: Sort tab is misspelt as Short.
* 2797876: Filter selection.
* 2797718: Dashboard items and Analysis File.
* 2797486: Restrict MDX and SQL tabs in properties window.
* 2797167: Chart Size doesn't resized on restoring down the browser.
* 2796897: Issues with multiple hierarchies on SSAS2005.
* 2796893: Display dimension name instead of selected hierarchy name.
* 2796889: Blue-dot with Slicer selection "ON" generates Soap Fault.
* 2796886: Swap Axes.
* 2796885: Scroll bars restricts page viewable area.
* 2796883: 'Clear All' option doesn't work.
* 2796882: 'Swap Axes' stops working.
* 2796880: Selection of members from diferent hierarchies has no effect.
* 2796879: Missing dashboard name in 'Customize Dashboard View' page.
* 2796876: Scroll bars in the dashboard not working properly.
* 2792060: Avoid "crowding" of x-axis data labels(New attributes called 'supress overcrowding is added to project.xml file which is by default is set as true)'
* 2791536: Same analysis multiple times on a particular dashborad Bug
* 2791127: OpenI: Mouse fly-over the Chart TAB is called Graph???
* 2783894: Display of Analysis options and Data Table options is off
* 2782725: Upload Existing Project Issue
* 2782640: Saving Analysis
* 2782639: Add option to delete the datasource object
* 2777367: Cancel button is saving the changes
* 2777036: Localization/Internationalization in OpenI
* 2749056: Need a view-only analysis mode (New attribute 'viewonly' is added to each analysis file for this fix)
* 2746639: Enable adding an analysis to dashboard from the analysis
* 2727956: chart series color configurable
* 2270169: No success message after upload a project
* 2270151: Validation Error: Value is required.
* 2270119: Do not see measures in explore data
* 2270111: Manage files theme
* 2270101: Feature request on right click
* 2120963: Enable OpenI logo customization (with enhancement - now project specific logo can be define during project setting which should be in related project folder)
* 2100685: Explore data showing broken images
* 2063987: Export menu problem on IE 6 and 7
* 1660871: PDF exports after login timeout, but pdf is invalid
* 1589814: Printable analysis view
* 1579816: formatString not working

Please pass the word around. And as always, we look forward to hearing from you.



Sandeep Giri
Project Lead, OpenI.Org

Posted by Sandeep Giri 2009-06-17

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