OpenI 1.2.1 released

The OpenI team is pleased to announce the 1.2.1 release. This release includes a greatly stabilized platform for OLAP and RDBMS reporting. Thanks to all those who provided feedback, in particular chris_lavigne and weavelink. Here are some of the highlights:
* Resolved several sql2005 compatibility issues. Greatly improved compatibility with sql2005, as well as backwards compatbility with sql2000, and mondrian.
* Read Only Access - We added a new user access level, which allows read only access to analyses, no admin directory visible.
* Greatly Improved jasper functionality: export features (pdf, xml, etc), subreports enabled, parameterizable reports enabled, larger resultset handling.

Full List of Bug Fixes
1473128 RDBMS - buffer overflow problems
1473691 sql2005 compat problems - adventure works
1473732 header problems in IE/ff
1473748 read only toolbar
1475313 Clicking SQL toolbar button doesn't show SQL Editor
1477949 download project exception on windows
1480672 Configure dashboards in IE
1480675 Manage files, when a file has no extension
1481276 mysql create foodmart script on 5.0, win
1491318 jasper - hide sub reports
1491319 jasper browser back button and params
1493894 dash board - sort order
1493896 dashboard - missing analysis throws exception
1495147 jasper - allow subreports
1495252 jasper (menu) hide subreport - sub.jrxml
1497793 dashboard - autogenerated
1504851 avoid ie flicker
1508930 sql2005 autogenerate - multiple hierarchy problems

Known Issues
* Problem with header on firefox 1.0x
* While dashboard sort order is not configurable from the UI, the order is controlled by the project.xml configuration. so if you change the order there, it will be reflected when you view that particular dashboard.

Posted by paul lucas 2006-06-22

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