OpenI 1.2 Alpha - Sql2005 Integration

OpenI 1.2 - ALPHA Release Notes
This release of OpenI greatly improves your business intelligence options. OpenI now integrates with:

* Sql Analysis Services 2005, Sql2000sp4, (continued sql2000sp3 support)
* R Server integration through RServe api
* Jasper RDBMS reporting.
* continued integration with Mondrian.
* Additional features listed below.
* This is an alpha release ("preview"). We are near beta, primiarily need to verify sql2005 functionality on other tomcat and jdk platforms. Also need to beef up documentation and samples.
* currently only tested on jdk1.4.x, and tomcat 5.0.x
* There are special deployment instructions for tomcat 5.0.x (other versions of tomcat, unknown if this is needed)
** Due to some issues integrating with sql2005, you will need unzip the following files (from jwsdp-1.6):
** unzip openi/conf/tomcat/
** backup up your tomcat_home/common/endorsed/ directory
** copy xalan.jar, xercesImpl.jar, xml-apis.jar into tomcat_home/common/endorsed/
** continue with normal deployment instructions

* Sql_2005_Integration
* Sql2000 sp4 compatibility
* Folder_Management_UI
* Enhanced_Chart_Support - time series
* Configurable_Admin_Menu
* RDBMS_Reporting
* Dashboard
* Read_Only_Access - add a new user access level, which allows read only access to analyses, no admin directory visible.
* R_Integration
* Project_Download_Zip - Application admins can download the project contents as a zip file.

Additional information available at

Posted by paul lucas 2006-03-08

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