Welcome to OpenI Release 1.0

We are very happy to announce the release of OpenI 1.0, a web application for BI reporting. We have been leveraging this application in a Software-as-a-Service model for our clients, and we want to pursue an open source development model to improve this application. As such, we are open sourcing this application under the name "OpenI" (pronounced open-eye) -- available at http://www.openi.org .

In the coming days, we will configure our sourceforge interface with CVS repository, documentation, etc. but in the meanwhile you can download the application at http://www.openi.org. There is also a live demo.

Our Philosophy:

Business intelligence (BI) should not be restricted to the privileged few. Through project OpenI (pronounced "open eye"), we will drive the adoption of a powerful, open source business intelligence platform that will enable companies of all sizes to harness the power of their data.

Goal of BI is to transform data into actionable insights. Commercial BI tools have mainly focused on providing a black-box infrastructure to address this need, leaving the end users on their own to figure out how to build intelligence, which is painfully expensive and time-consuming. The OpenI project attempts to open up the BI "Infrastructure" via open source, so that solution providers can deliver "Intelligence" without getting overwhelmed by proprietary infrastructures.

In the last four years, our team has served more than 25 Fortune 1000 companies leveraging our BI platform built with open source components. We are open sourcing this platform codebase as OpenI. We hope OpenI becomes a common project where we consolidate community efforts to build a robust BI platform, and then build our individual intelligent applications on top of it.

We are starting simple -- the first release of OpenI is a simple web application that does out-of-box OLAP reporting. You can download it today, deploy it on any J2EE server, and start publishing interactive OLAP reports from your existing cubes right away. Future versions will include data sources other than OLAP cubes (relational databases, data mining models, etc.). We hope an entire community will drive the future roadmap of OpenI.

We believe in open source as a development model. Here is our current work as OpenI -- download it, modify it, add to it, embed it, praise it, criticize it -- it's here for the community, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Above all, your BI projects no longer have to be constrained by the status quo solutions from the big BI vendors. Intelligence should be open. With OpenI, you have a choice.

we look forward to hearing from you,

Sandeep Giri
Project Lead, openi.org

Posted by Sandeep Giri 2005-07-01

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