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Subject: [technical] Model Wizard Open Source & Binary Availability Announcement

Hi Folks,


You are getting this message since you have at one point or other expressed interest in Model Wizard.


The Model Wizard open source project is now open for business! It provides a model independent infrastructure for easing developer access to large information models, using a concept called ‘blueprints’ (using OMG terminology but which the DMTF calls ‘profiles’). It also has an ‘exporter’ function that can be used to export generated artifacts or integrate with more sophisticated tools such as AndroMDA ( ).


The home page is here:


The Source Forge project is here:


Source access: via CVS (see project page)

Binary access: see the installation instructions on the home page. Model Wizard also installs on-line documentation into Eclipse’s help system (help … help contents).


If you are interested in contributing to the project, that would be great. From what I can see the following might be worth working on:


1)       Support for other models (the source includes support for Cisco’s UML2 based model and CIM V2).

2)       Transformation outputs for other models (the only transformation outputs are for the UML2 model).

3)       Improvements to the base Model Wizard code. …. J lots are needed.

4)       Automated build.


Also, I do need to work on build and developer documentation. I guess at present I will need to walk through setup with you. I will document the use of AndroMDA with Model Wizard fairly soon to allow someone a chance of writing an equivalent for the CIM or other models.


I’ve no experience running an open source community, so I’m going to have to make this up as I go along. For now, if you want to join the community, you should subscribe to and/or join the project from the project page.


I will arrange a teleconference in February to coordinate development efforts. I will announce details of this to the modelwizard-developers email list.


Steve Jerman

Cisco Systems