#1821 Sometimes, oa_soap plugin tries to connect to


Looks like in some rare conditions we are setting the IP address of the OA as without checking. This leads to following error
Nov 14 17:45:05 dl380g8 openhpid: ssl: oh_ssl.c:527: Socket connect failed with error: Connection refused
Nov 14 17:45:05 dl380g8 openhpid: oa_soap: oa_soap_callsupport.c:647: oh_ssl_connect() failed
Nov 14 17:45:05 dl380g8 openhpid: oa_soap: oa_soap_callsupport.c:836: failed to communicate with OA during login
Nov 14 17:45:05 dl380g8 openhpid: oa_soap: oa_soap_callsupport.c:537: OA login failed for server
Nov 14 17:45:10 dl380g8 openhpid: oa_soap: oa_soap_event.c:317: soap_open for oa->event_con2 failed#012

This message repeats every 5 seconds. There are two things that could be done.
1. When setting the variable make a check if it is and do not set it if it is so. Try to recover there.
2. Where this error occurs, if the server is handle it.

This one is not easy to reproduce. Had two enclosures in the conf file. Did an OA switchover on both the enclosures which lead to this error.


  • dr_mohan

    dr_mohan - 2014-02-03
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • dr_mohan

    dr_mohan - 2014-02-03

    Fixed in #7575