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Common-util 1.0.4 released

Common-util 1.0.4 (1.0.3)

  • Added ClassUtil: some static methods for working with classes and reflection.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-06-11

SqlBuilder 2.0.3 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.3

  • add Added support for view creation (CreateViewQuery) and deletion (DropQuery.Type.VIEW)
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-06-05

SqlBuilder 2.0.2 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.2

  • Change how state is maintained during query validation. Use the ValidationContext instead of a few collections in order to enable more complicated subquery handling. This change allows subqueries to be validated correctly and opens the door for sub-clause validation.
  • Extend the unit test coverage.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-04-28

SqlBuilder 2.0.1 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.1

  • Fold numeric conversions into normal value conversions.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-04-07

SqlBuilder 2.0.0 released

OpenHMS is proud to announce the initial Open Source release of SqlBuilder. In short, SqlBuilder is a library which attempts to take the pain out of generating SQL queries within Java programs. Please see the site for more details:

Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-03-31

RMIIO 2.0.2 released

RMIIO 2.0.2

  • Allow reserialization of RemoteStreamServer.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-03-20

RMIIO 2.0.1 released

RMIIO 2.0.1

-Allow the default port for the DefaultRemoteStreamExporter to be configured via a system property.
-Make closing of local resources by a RemoteIteratorServer less prone to surprises.
-Change proxy utilities to use method code instead of string.
-Move EncodingInputStream to util package.
-Make RemoteStreamServer implementations Serializable by implementing writeReplace to automagically export the object and return the remote stub.
-Add the DirectRemoteInputStream as a last-ditch alternative for dealing with certain problematic scenarios.

Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-02-14

Projects now available from ibiblio

The OpenHMS release repository is now being actively synchronized with the ibiblio repository. All OpenHMS releases should be available from the main ibiblio repository within a day or so of release!

Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-12-26

Maven2 repository now online

Releases for all OpenHMS projects can now be downloaded from the maven2 repository:

Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-11-20

RMIIO 2.0.0 released

Version 2.0.0 is the first open source release of the RMIIO subproject within the OpenHMS project. The RMIIO library provides classes for robust usage of RMI, primarily for streaming data. One common usage is streaming files of arbitrary size to/from a remote EJB or some other RMI server. The RMIIO is the first of many future packages coming for the OpenHMS project.

Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-10-10

Welcome to OpenHMS

Welcome to OpenHMS. In the coming days and weeks we will be adding content and flushing out our new SourceForge site.

Until then, please visit one of our previously OSed projects: Jackcess -

Posted by JohnMarquart 2007-01-22