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OpenHBCI 0.9.4 released

December 09, 2002 (THE INTERNET) The OpenHBCI Development Team proudly announces the release of OpenHBCI 0.9.4, the world's first free Open Source implementation of the German home banking standard HBCI.

HBCI is a bank-independent standard that defines the communication between an arbitrary finance application and any arbitrary HBCI-capable bank server. Roughly half of the banks in Germany offer home banking access through HBCI. The OpenHBCI library enables programmers of finance applications to seamlessly integrate HBCI functionality into their programs, without having to know anything about HBCI details. HBCI business actions, like for example statement retrieval, bank transfer initiation or issuing of debit notes, can easily be invoked through very few lines of application program code.... read more

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-12-08

OpenHBCI Version 0.9.2 Released

OpenHBCI is the world's first free Open Source implementation of the
German home banking standard HBCI.

This version 0.9.2 fixes bugs in the communication with Deutsche Bank
servers, which now works fine. Note that all releases in the 0.9.x
series are still beta and not recommended for usage in a production
environment. Nevertheless the development team encourages testers from
all over Germany to try the HBCI functionality and provide feedback from
as many banks as possible.... read more

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-10-18

0.4beta1 released

This is the first beta version of the new merged project. It seems to be stable so we decided to release this version.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-06-26

0.3beta1 released

openhbci seems to be stable, it still lacks some functionality, though.
But it basically does all you need to manage an HBCI account.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-04-01

operating systems

openhbci now compiles and runs under FreeBSD, Linux and Windows (cygwin and mingw32).

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-03-25

initial release

since the API is now quite static and the library seems to be stable we decided to release this first version.
Since it lacks some functionality we still call it alpha.
It supports getting turnover, balance, transfer money etc.
To make real use of it you should download AqMoney (, too.

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-03-25

openHBCI works with real accounts

Hi, I just tested it, and it seems that DDV mode now works with real accounts, too !!
Well, it was a long, long way ;-)

Posted by Martin Preuss 2002-01-29

chip card support works

Changing to version 0.3 we have now support for both security modes offered by HBCI:
- RDH (with RSA encryption)
- DDV (with hbci chip cards)

Posted by Martin Preuss 2001-11-26

Ini-Letter (so called "Ini-Brief") works

You can now either verify the "Ini-Brief" that was sent to you by your bank or create the "Ini-Brief" for your own public signature key.
Well, "create" means that you can get the data, printing is up to you and your application;-)

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-11-13

single transfer work

now the 3 basic functionalities are implemented: getting the balance, the turnover and transfering money from one account to another.

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-08-14

getting the turnover works

now getting the turnover seems to work also.

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-08-14

getting the account-balance works

querying the account-balance form the institute now works. this way, you get information about the booked and the noted balance. some institutes also tell you something about your bank line etc.

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-08-11

signing now also works

now signing a messages also works. from now on, we can concentrate on implementing the transfers and turnover-requests etc. signing was a bitch due to the fact that you get nearly no information about some f*ng iso-standards - however, it is done!

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-08-10

openHBCI is a real library now

openHBCI now compiles as a library. Thanks to Martin Preuss, who is also a developer on openHBCI from now on.

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-08-04

now support for gcc 3.0

gcc 3.0 is now also supported. up 'til now, it did not compile because of missing /using namespace std;/

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-07-31

api-doc and programming manual

initial version of the api and the programming manual are uploaded to

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-07-21

encrypting works

encrypting messages and submitting my public rsa-keys now also works

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-07-10

verifying the signature works

verifying the signature of the institute's response now works

Posted by fabian kaiser 2001-04-10