I really cannot understand how people are performing their builds on Linux et. al. Neither the 2.2.4 nor the current CVS releases compile at all under Fedora Core 6.

I have tried using the 1.19 build of the Openh323, with the current CVS branch that fails with a type-cast problem; when I enforced a type cast to resolve the ambiguity, the build failed with a different error. The 1.20 build simply refuses to compile from the start. 2.2.4 is failing with an error in the gk.h file, pointing at line 27, and indicating that a class name is required before the { brace.

Has anyone built the code successfully on Fedora FC6/GCC 4.1.1x, in any combination with the OpenH323 stuff ? if so, please post your findings.

With thanks,