At present the ACD function does not support unregistered callers. Callers must be registered. Hopefully we can get this fixed. Also not all unregistered callers receive NAT support and a fix is being worked on for that too.


At 01:42 AM 30/06/2006, Misner, Joe wrote:
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We are attempting to setup what I think is a fairly simple H.323 “call center”. The solution begins with conference calls originating from internet users and ends with the call being picked up by any one of a group of endpoints on our private network. We have GnuGK setup with an ACD and are able to call into our queue and everything is working properly with all endpoints registered with our GK on our internal network. Now we need to set it up to allow unregistered endpoints to “call” the gatekeeper and get routed into our queue. We have been doing some research on setting up routing, proxy, gateway, etc. and it is apparent that we do not understand what is needed to allow the unregistered internet user in.
We basically need to provide an external IP address that a user can call via netmeeting, etc. and their call gets “routed” to one of our available endpoints (agents) in our internal queue. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to implement this? I can provide more info if the problem is not clear enough.
Thanks in advanced for any help,
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