I have been GnuGK for around 1 year and yes i am using version previous to 2.0. I use cisco AS5300 for termination, both voice and fax.  I my case as we use voip for our call center needs, thats why traffice is a bit low but still we have around 1000-2000 calls per day.
In my experience if we use devices like Cisco-827-4v and other gateways GnuGk has crashed (sometime), but if we use only software solutions like openphone or ohphone it has never crashed.
As slowly we migrated to software solutions finding out the bug with cisco827-4v was needed at all.
Hemant Kumar
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  Just one comment - gnugk ver 2.0 was released 3 Aug 2002, and I do not think anything before 2.0 was suitable for commercial deployment, so I'm afraid it will be hard to find anyone running gnugk daemon for a whole year :)
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Hi all,
After reading a few recent emails, there seems to be a few of us that is looking to go commercial with the gnugk. That's good news. But just out of my own curiosity, what is the biggest installation out there right now? Do we have someone out there that controls about 1 million minutes a day of traffic base on the gnugk? 1 million minutes a day is about how much a Nortel DMS 250 with 75% load generates on a daily bases. And has anyone ran gnugk for 1 year without restarting the processes (the daemon, not a reload)?
Just curious.