PWLib & OpenH323 versions for MSVS 2005 Prof.

  • Sergey Zhukoff

    Sergey Zhukoff - 2007-06-17

    Please help me to choose verion of PWLib and OpenH323 for compiling in Visul Studio 2005 Professional without errors! I tried to compile various versions and always they give me errors.

    • Marcos F. J.

      Marcos F. J. - 2007-08-15

      Hello Sergey, im post some of my experience in compiling PWLib 1.10.0 and OpenH323 1.18.0 in Visual C++ 2005 Express. search 'YACE' on this forum. ;)

    • Alex

      Alex - 2007-08-21

      Hope it's not a bad advice ->
      Use latest libraries from I downloaded them about a week ago on Aug, 15. I used VS2005 w/o SP1 as I had many problems when I tried to install SP1.
      OPAL 2.3.1 library compiles OK with PWLib 1.11.1. openh323 compiles with PWLib 1.11.1 after adding some includes to openh323 sources - at downloading momant, VoxGratia recommended PWLib 1.11.0 for OpenH323. Look at libraries list and fix it if necessary. I used static libraries (*sd.lib) and had to remove some ptClib* references as I have only ptlibsd.lib built. OpenH and OPAL sample EXEs work OK.


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