Error reported on OpenH323

  • ilstreet

    ilstreet - 2007-10-13

    I've been receiving a "windows explorer has encountered a problem..." message when ever I try to open a media folder on my external hard drive.  I've tried to figure it out and the message tells me that the error occurred with OpenH323. I'm not very familiar with this and the OpenH323 website is down.  I'd just like some help in fixing this problem.

    • Marcos F. J.

      Marcos F. J. - 2007-11-01

      Hello ilstreet

      Indeed, the OpenH323's site is no more activie, u need acess for updated content about OpenH323, OPAL GNU Gk etc.

      It's is a common and strange problem, early or late all of us will crash on then. Much applications have problens to acsess external storage devices, like pendrivers. I think this will be some security problem. Most system protects the access to external devices with a security interface, in example: many Windows API calls now have an alternate signature to use a pointer to struct filled by authentication/security system API. Perphaps OpenH323 maybe don't cover this type o security?


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