how many threads your DCS server has?

  • Ramiro

    Ramiro - 2013-02-20

    We have 45  propietary GPS (NCP-300x ) for vehicles of a customer. They transmit between 35, 50MB per month per GPS using  TCP to our server(in a VPS),  and after 3 days the number of threads is aprox. 540. I keep restarting the server because i think that someting could be wrong. I clarify, it the problem is not with the memory but with the number of threads. After a restart the number is aprox. 53 but with hours this number increases, perhaps is insufficient cpu?

    In my experience with a GPS simulator, if the CPU is low and the load is high(many packets) the number of threads increases, if the load is 0 the number of threads decrease. But in my real enviroment i can test it, please share your experiences.

    These are  my constants
        public static final long    TIMEOUT_TCP_IDLE        = 0;
        public static final long    TIMEOUT_TCP_PACKET      = 0;
        public static final long    TIMEOUT_TCP_SESSION     = 0;

    Thanks in advance,

  • tea4two

    tea4two - 2013-02-20

    The value 0 for TCP TIMEOUT is a wrong value to use.

    0 means that the server never close the connection, so if the tracker for some reason lost the connection when reconnect will be used a new socket (and a new thread) but the previous socket is always opened.
    This is the reason because you find about 540 thread on your DCS.

    It's better to use a value different from 0 in your configuration, so after an idle period the server close the socket and free the port used.

    There isn't a correct value to use, you must find the right value based on your application.
    Higher values are suitable if your device send data with higher frequecy, a low value if the tracker sent data with low frequency.

    If tha data transfer speed (GPRS connection)  is low a little value of timeout could be drop the tracker transmission before ends.

    I hope this can help you,
    - Pierluigi


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