Anonymous - 2013-02-05

My GTS sever has following user:

account: sysadmin
userid: sunghun
vehicleid: galaxy02
uniqueid: 359651042257136

And client mobile device send packet to server like below:

http://xxx.xx.x.xx:8080/gprmc/Data acct=sysadmin&dev=galaxy02&id=359651042257136&code=0xF020&gprmc=$GPRMC,205746.000,A,3346.19674,S,15103.55277,E,0.364762,332.000000,040213,,*13&alt=98.70001220703125

Server is getting data correctly and ther is no error when I see the gprmc log but the device location does not display on the map and no record in Mysql.

But strangely, sometimes it worked. Would you please help what I am missing?

Thanks in advance.